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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 15, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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day fine for water wasters. abc7 news alisa harrington joins us. there are people feeling the pinch. alisa? >> reporter: these could push more people to let their lawns go brown. glenn keeps his trees blooming by watering every day. >> i'm using a sprinkler. >> the state water board could limit watering gardens to two times per week or face a fine. up to $500 per day. >> i don't think it's fair. he might not have to thanks to residents that are cutting back they may ask people to reduce by 15%. they have policing methods for water wasters >> we'll send out a staff person with a door hanger, then alert
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the person about what waste has been witnessed on their properties. then we'll follow to make sure changes have been made >> the water district will be looking at new standards and decide how to go about restrictions >> we can turn off that water. >> long time concord resident stopped watering her backyard. >> the pear tree has gone dead this year i only got 10-12 peaches >> sheegs been through droughts before. her thoughts of others getting hit with a fine? >> $500 is a lot of money. >> she'd rather let her lawn go brown. >> state water resources board has been meeting to pass restrictions and work on restrictions and let's go live now to wade freedman.
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that is taking so long? >> it's interesting. it sounded like it took a long time but they tell me this was a rush job. when you're going to fine someone $500 you better get eyes and tees just right. they did that about five minutes ago, maybe six. they passed the res shugs. >> we can remain certain it will not be until fall, by then, california will appreciate their water more. state water resources board spent the day drafting a resolution transforming conservation from being voluntary to enforced and with potentially stiff penalties. >> it's not that severe. we're not talking about life-changing exercises.
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50 gallons per person, per day. fewer showers and flushes. no outdoor irrigation whatsoever. that is not what we're proposing. >> the guidelines may seem severe but panel insist they reflect a new reality. you cannot irrigate your yard more than twice per week. you are not allowed to run water off into the street nochlt washing of cars technically they'd be felonies punishable by up to $500 per day and enforced by superior courts but levied at the discretion of local water districts. >> we're not creating a giant regulatory scheme to do a lot of mother, may i. we're trying to raise the floor to make clear we're in a serious drought and everybody should be helping out. >> and it's what the board is saying is that they're sending a message
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the best way is with action, and with kind of fine you might get if you were speeding. in other words they want to get your attention. next step is implementation. >> $500 will get your attention the drought is forcing central valley farmers to tap into underground water. it's a practice researchers could trigger. they say it could trigger earthquakes. farmers say it's the only way crops are surviving. but it's causing the ground to sink a professor points to measurements saying it's pushed the sierra up six inches. >> we are flexing out.
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moving water from surface introduces tension across the san andreas fault. >> researchers say it could contribute to a significant quake. the damage that could be done to roads, bridges and canals there are simple changes at home. >> all lines are now cleared and open after a recology truck spliled hydraulic fluid in san francisco that truck sort of leaking flammable liquid, while exiting northbound 280 along the cesar chavez off ramp. sky 7 hd was over the scene. a man accused of punching a woman outside a and t park says he was defending his 13-year-old daughter
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the 42-year-old and 32-year-old both pled not guilty to charges of aggravated assault stemming from that confrontation. investigators say they approached a man and drunk woman and then got into a fight. but the defense says the victims initiated the confrontation because they thought russer's 13-year-old daughter was videotaping the drunk woman throwing up. >> reports don't reflect the being as serious as they're made out to be. >> nothing justifies sucker punching a defenseless woman. period we're fortunate injuries aren't more severe. >> the woman fell to the ground and knocked unconscious the defense says she was hit by mistake. >> journalist from the bay area was released from custody today by the u.s. border patrol. he didn't have documentation. he came to the u.s. illegally in 199 to. he's been in texas reporting on
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unaccompanied children and families across the border, he talked with sergio quntana yesterday. >> started with what documented people go through every day. if i get through why am i being given special treatment? why is there a double standard? because my name is jose but i'm asian. i don't look mexican and i'm not brown? >> he grew up here in the bare area, today local immigration activists demanded action on broader issues. >> all eyes are on the president for him to step forward and assume leadership in stopping these deportations as promised three weeks ago. >> the interview is posted on
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abc7 >> happening now in san francisco no cable cars running on powell street line because of a problem at cable car turn around in union square. repairs are underway now. tonight lobingland police sdeptz it was wrong to rule out the possibility mayor jean kwan was on her cell phone during a car crash last month. investigators believe that statement. kwan denies using her phone but police say they can't tell for certain. witnesses claim kwan ran a red light then refused to provide insurance information. >> members of the berkeley city council want warning labels. abc7 news joins us from berkeley with the details. tiffany? >> well, the sponsors of the ordinance want a little sticker
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on there that warns of a risk of brain cancer because of possible radiation coming from cell phone. >> if joseph is awake, odds are he's on a cell phone. >> how many hours per day are you on do you think? >> shame fully around ten. >> the director of the center for family and community health says it only takes about half an hour per day of repeated close cell phone exposure to affect health. >> i think it's black and white. cell phones increase the risk for cancer. >> that is why he wants better education >> cell phone manufacturers put buried westbound the manual safety warnings regarding radiation. but few people see those warnings >> an ordinance would require cell phones purchased to include a warning label. >> we want the to educate people
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what it would be. >> it's posturing of the worst kind. there is no health issue here. there is no legal basis to make them to do this. >> counsel members will discuss this ordinance in september. if it does pass, berkeley will become the first city in the country with cell phone warning labels >> we relish the idea of berkeley being first in efforts to protect the public from things that could harm them. >> a letter says cell phones are safe and ordinance, unnecessary. >> still ahead tonight, bay area jews and muslims breaking traditions to come together in the name of peace.
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>> more on california drought. why farmers are blaming water shortage on a short-sighted state policy. >> billions of dollars wired by immigrants each year. ahead on seven on your sited, how to get money there safely. >> we're waiting for a muggy water pattern. yeah, citi mobile. pay the dog sitter?
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today is the day of fasting for jews and muslims but after sunset, people of both faiths will breakfasting together in a home in palo alto the goal is to pray for peace in the middle east. we're live from outside of the home to explain how a gathering there might influence events thousands of miles away. david? families have felt the loss of losing loved ones as a result of fighting. a few hours this evening at this house, this is going to be the scene of a effort to pray for peace. candles being set out but importantly, food being prepared for a special gathering. tonight, jews and muslims will be sharing a meal in peace. >> we're encouraging people to put your differences aside. recommit to peace. for the sake of your next
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generation. >> the world is bracing for escalation a rocket fire killed a rabbi taking food to israeli soldiers today. this muslim put together interfaith gatherings moneying those invited are members of a synagogue. jews are fasting on a day of tcht amuz. muslims fasting for ramadan. >> the power of collective prayer is amazing. and they believe destiny can be changed by prayer. so that is what we're asking today. a global community and let's stand together at sunset and just pray. >> the rabbi says similar gatherings are being held to pray for an end to violence. >> getting together, taking an
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opportunity to pray and eat together. >> gathering such as this could be a step towards better relations people will start assembling about 6:30 and private residents at the corner of park avenue and ash street. >> san francisco may sue to stop enforcement of a controversial water measure requiring voter approval for development that's exceed the height lime yits commission says stop b is invalid. >> the oakland city council is set to take a crucial vote on
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coliseum extension. presenting a proposal to prevent messy negotiations within the team. this during 14 months of negotiations. >> this is high-stakes negotiations involving a lot of money with long term impact and that can be controversial for the city. >> she says she remains confident a deal will be worked out to keep the team in oakland >> san francisco municipal transportation agency is scheduled to launch august 1st used by tech companies like google it would charge a stop today the deraised to $3.50 per stop.
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opponents argue it's a sign of again tri fiction >> san francisco may real real estate developers. today, the supervisor introduced a measure requiring new, retro fitted buildings to include ventilation systems that can catch fine particulate matter. those include bay view and south of market areas where there is a lot of construction. >> we continue to get odd weather. someplaces got rain today. you can see this video outside of the news bureau this morning. >> who better to explain something odd?
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yours truly. higher humidity and thunderstorms over in the sierra continuing to break out another day as well. and a couple storms moving into foothills moving through sonora area. active weather and higher than normal humidity represents part of the pattern of higher humidity and higher than average for this time of the year. you can see crowds moving into our direction from our southeast. it's 68 degrees now in san francisco. 79 san jose. 66 in half moon bay. another live view looking southeastward. you can see high clouds in the
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sky. mostly blue, 76 now in san francisco. 77 in concord. livermore, 80. looking from cloud build ups there, well to our east. these forecast features muggy one more day. and and will be turning warmer this weekend after we cool down over the next couple days. water vapor shows low pressure off shore, sending high pressure east providing circulation around those two systems. this produces a monsoonal flow of moisture. high clouds in sight. following forecast overnight, we'll have partly to mostly cloudy conditions from time to
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time. south bay, hazy sunshine to low to mid-80s, upper 70s to around 80s on the coast. mild and to mid-70s and upper 70s inland east bay, warm, humid just kind of sticky with highs into upper mid to upper 80s here is the accu-weather forecast. so by friday we'll warm up over the weekend by monday, thursday, low 90s again. abc news sponsored this year's aids walk san francisco.
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this year's walk is sunday, july 20thth. visit aids those are ways to take you to aids walk. >> so bundled up for that, too. >> yes. >> wear layers >> yes. >> true >> thank you. >> up next, how many californians do you think there should be on the map? a bay area man's proposal makes a major step forward.
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a silicon valley based billionaire submitted his petition for 2016 ballot. it would create six new states called jefferson, central california, south california, west california and silicon valley. others disagree. >> it will never happen. congress will never allow the united states senators it's costly. it's going to cost the state billions of >> a bay area family about to be
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reunited thanks to sharp eye of one east bay woman. last saturday, renee spotted a memory card perfect a digital camera in the partialinging lot of a michael's craft store. she didn't pick it up first, but had a change of heart. i sat down and thought what if? what is f.that is my pictures? my family photos? >> it was loaded with dozens of pictures of family vacations and after our story aired the memory card owner got in touch with renee. >> it ends well. >> we have more tonight here on abc7 news at 6:00. why many california farmers say the shortage is a result of short sighted policies >> a prediction from silicon
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valley. costing more to drive our cars than to let them drive us.
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>> the house approved an extension of the highway trust fund >> driving cars are on the fast track to >> it's a spinning laser drum. >> if ten years ago hey
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sponsor >> the problem was solvable. >> at $80,000, it's hardly affordable. >> east corner there is a wide anger radar. >> there is new software. >> it's more than you can see. >> and car can make a decision. you know a million times faster. >> just like smart phones, these cars are getting smaller and cheaper. >> this is traffic jam assist. >> it's like cruise control. >> we want to take this away and let them drive. >> this performs emergency
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breakings >> could it be out within three years. and it let's trucks talk to each other and prevent pile ups. >> there is a weakest link that is a human being >> and we're our own worst enemies >> if i had some confidence i wasn't going to get sued i'd be driving here right now. >> speaking of driving the president got a chance to do driving the last time he drove a vehicle
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was four years ago, when he tested a chevy volt. he admitted driving skills were rusty. the president ak celebrated to 97 miles per hour claiming the vehicles didn't have a radio. >> the california drought will cost the state economy $2,000,000,017,000 jobs. 400,000 acres have been taken out of production. the crops are growing but warns their wells could dry up next year. >> information on ground water we can never measure them. it says it's like a rich person that walks around and doesn't think about balancing a check book. we're no longer rich in ground water. >> the head of the state farm bureau says water shortages could be avoided if the state
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does not rely on conservation. and fills for reservoirs >> benefits is a local food supply. >> farm bureau says regulations don't consider the use of surface water to replenish >> ed lee calling on the fda to change it's policy forbidding gay and bisexual men to adopt modern science and nondiscrimination. fda rule is more than 30 years old in spite of advances. and on people's behaviors. >> in the bay area, after visiting job fair in concord
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some job seekers may be employed companies like kellogg's set up to meet and interview perspective employees. the next hire event will be held at double tree in san jose. >> and coming up from 7 on your side transferring money overseas how to protect your cash, making sure it gets where you want to go.
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when wiring overseas many are frustrated when the money never arrived. >> michael finney is here now with the story. >> an mazing amount of money goes from this country to people's home country. regulators estimate in 2010, tens of billions are transferred in the united states to households over seas here are tips on how to protect yourself. ivy has many momentos from
6:39 pm
indonesia. her mother and brother still live there. >> so in june 12th, i went to money gram in walmart the money. >> $47 billion was sent to foreign households. ivy says her brother never received the money. ivy said she never asked for a refund or received one she called money gram with lots of questions. >> where is my money? the guy said the money is gone. where is the money? the guy said, oh, we cannot verify who took the money >> ivy said she and money gram had been scammed.
6:40 pm
nonprofit consumer action offering advice on sending money overseas here is spokesperson joe rightout. >> there is not very many protections compare that to what is available. >> those protections include rights to cancel a transaction within 30 minutes. >> you can initiate an and if someone. >> that is for my mom's medical bills they need the money. >> ivy contacted 07 on your side. money gram was alerted by one customer. that she may have become a victim of consumer fraud. an investigation into surrounding circumstances ensued. money gram learned that the customer's allegations were
6:41 pm
correct. at which time, miss rustin was given a full refund. >> i just so happy that i called 7 on your side to help me with the case. with money gram >> we're glad, too. consumer action pamphlet is available in english and several other languages including information on how to save money, sending money home. you can find a link to that pamphlet on our web site. look for 7 on your side link. there is a direct link on abc7 news home page. called contact 7 on on your side. >> wow. good job. >> thank you. >> a record number of cubs have been left to fend for them
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after years of working with out a contract concession
6:45 pm
workers have a deal with the company providing food at the stadium. workers voted 98% to ratify the settlement and called a strike over wage disputes. details of the freement are scarce. workers do say the contract secures health care, wages and provides job security. a contract lasts through the start of the 2019 baseball season. >> a lake tahoe wildlife center is packed with orphaned bear cubs now. it's most they've had this early in the summer, ever the cubs are getting great care, nobody knows why there are so many orphans >> there are nine orphaned bear cubs this is a going to be given a full medical
6:46 pm
exam. a good samaritan left him with a note at a volunteer organization. >> they've cared for bear cubs for 14 years the bears are 5 to 6 months old. there is no way to know whether that is why orphaned bears have been found >> we haven't lesh v learned to talk bear yet. >> she had to be bottle fed the goal to release them into the wild. now, three months later she's not getting any human contact. we did get a peak through a window. she's up to more than 20 pounds.
6:47 pm
has not cozied up to other cubs. >> for the rest of the bears it's a good thing. >> it's great. they get to interact and determine who is the boss >> this little one had serious tooth problems. she had to have surgery and had been monitored. >> she's acting normally, eating most foods in there. >> as the summer goes on, it will cost about $100 per bear, per week. >> the cubs get high quality foods and won't be big enough to reach winter. >> you look at almost $50,000.
6:48 pm
>> it could go higher if more cubs come in. the care center can use some help with the bear food budget we have links at abc7 >> 15,000 a month. >> that is a lot of bear food. right? >> okay. >> i'm hankering for weather. i'm going to give you wernl. here is a time lapse view from our moving north and making it feel muggy here. probably have more muggy weather coming our way. you can see high clouds still moving throughout the bay area skies and storminess tapering off into sierra. thunderstorms throughout the sierra. i should say throughout afternoon. and into evening in the sierra.
6:49 pm
more than 2700 lightning strikes. you can see this cell moving out towards stockton. they'll redevelop tomorrow, another hot, stormy day. here if the bay area a warm, but not hot day today. and more muggy conditions, highs from mid-60s to upper 70s around the bay. and here is the accu-weather forecast. we're expecting humidity to drop off as well. then, over the weekend sunny, less humid conditions we'll see a warm up. >> thank you. >> whenever tiger does anything, all eyes are on him. >> pretty much. he's itching to play in the major in 2014 due to injuries, today, british open is ready to make noise
6:50 pm
we'll hear tiger roar, next in sports.
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>> british open gets underway. fill mickelson talking about tiger woods playing in the first
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major in 2014 season. tiger missed masters and u.s. open due to spine surgery. he arrived saturday, here at loyal liverpool to get aclim yated to the course. he's had no set back. 14 major titles has not won a major since 2008. he won the british on this course in 2006. and if playing in a tournament there is only one place to play for him, that is first >> it gets harder every year the field gets deeper. there are more guy was a chance to win we have 16, 17 straight first-time winners for that stretch. it's just getting deeper. getting harder to win. margin is smaller. it's going to only continue to be the case guys are going to get longer and faster. >> brandon moss joins us when
6:54 pm
teammates and catcher derek north first time all stars in tonight's contest. at stake, hold field advantage for world series. something that can help is that they own best record in baseball. 40-year-old derek jeter playing after announcing his retirement this year. from he says he is hoping to make a positive impact. >> like an opening day. and dealing with that whatever you get it, there will be nerves. you know just get up there and hopefully get between early so you can comb in there a little bit. hopefully if i get an at bat or calm down a little bit to do something else. >> the game gets underway in the fifth inning. and tied at three. we'll have highlights at 11:00
6:55 pm
and 11:00. lou wolf today all star game in minneapolis. he sat alongside commissioner bud sealic. he says he's willing to re-examine whether to build a new ballpark saying we don't have an option anywhere except there. we're going to revisit thachl the final vote is tomorrow at 5:30 p.m and wolf is expecting to it pass. speaking of champion boxer floyd mayweather junior agreed to a rematch he gave all he can handle losing in a majority decision. mayweather may have taken him lightly. floyd is his unusual self in the press conpresence making an offer he couldn't refuse. >> how much you're making for the fight, i bet i'll beat you. that is how much i believe in myself. how much you have made for the fight, i bet i'll beat you. >> this abc7
6:56 pm
whatever you're making i bet i'll be there doing sports. why would he vet them? >> thank you >> join me tonight at 9:00, etc. watered down the drain. californians wasting most coming up at 9:00 >> a nightmare service call. and please join us at 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm cheryl jennings.
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>> from all of us here, shu will be back tomorrow. spencer christian, we think. and follow us, have a great night we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a commercial-insurance broker from duluth, georgia... an attorney from washington, d.c... and our returning champion, a customer service representative from tampa, florida... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. just like in the novel and the movies, yesterday on "jeopardy!," ben-hur race. i couldn't resist. [ laughter ] ed and anna, welcome aboard. let's have fun.
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